Premise Liability Case: Who’s at Fault?

The owner or occupier of a property may be held liable for injuries that occur on their property as a result of their negligence or failure to maintain safe conditions in premises liability cases. Premises liability cases are similar to negligence cases in that they follow the same basic principles.

A property owner or occupier has a legal obligation to keep their property reasonably safe and free of hazards for those who are legally on the property. This obligation extends to anyone who is invited onto the property, including guests, customers, and tenants. In certain circumstances, the owner or occupier may also owe a duty to others who are not invited onto the property, such as trespassers.

If a hazard exists on the property that the owner or occupier was aware of or should have been aware of and failed to remedy, they may be held liable for any injuries that result. For instance, if a grocery store owner is aware of a spill in one of the aisles but fails to clean it up or warn customers about it, and a customer slips and falls as a result, the owner may be held liable for the customer’s injuries.

However, the injured party must have taken reasonable precautions while on the property. If a person is injured as a result of their own negligence or recklessness, the owner or occupier of the property may not be held liable.

It is critical in premises liability cases collect evidence to support the plaintiff’s claim, such as photographs of the hazard, eyewitness statements, and medical records. An experienced personal injury lawyer can assist in the development of a strong case and the pursuit of just compensation for the plaintiff’s injuries.

In conclusion, the owner or occupier of a property may be responsible for injuries that occur on their property if they knew or should have known about a hazard and failed to remedy it, and if the injured party exercised reasonable care while on the property.

If you’re involved in a premise liability case or you are severely injured due to the negligence of the property’s owner, before taking any further action, you must seek the help of a personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will help you with what is the best thing to do and guide you all throughout the process.

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