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Car Accident Law

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The Injury Advocates team tries to go above & beyond for those interested in simply getting the facts straight about their potential case. This is why we’ve put together some of the most common frequently asked questions we come across.

Car Accident Law

We can help if you or a loved one is injured due to the fault of another. We can visit you in the hospital, doctor’s office or at your home, if necessary. We will do whatever we can to get your recovery off to the best start possible. The team at The Injury Advocates stands ready to help you with your case. We are here to answer your questions. Our goal is to obtain the best possible result. Contact our personal injury attorneys, today. Schedule a free case evaluation.

South Florida traffic is legendary. If you are trying to travel from Miami to North Fort Lauderdale, you better build in some extra drive time for unexpected slow-downs. From road construction to a lapse of judgment from another driver, accidents happen all over South Florida.

Unfortunately, your chances of being involved in a car accident are 1 in 4. Likewise, your chances of becoming injured from the accident are even greater. If you don’t feel pain right away, due to your adrenaline rushing from escaping a near-death experience, it may take a few days for the body to relax and for the pain to settle in.

Consequently, Florida laws require that if you are involved in a car accident and experienced injuries, you must be seen by a medical professional within 14 days of the incident.

Moreover, to file a claim with your insurance company to cover the damages from your injuries, you need documented medical records. The 14-day window is short. However, it is very important to retain a car accident lawyer that focuses on personal injury. Also, ensure the lawyer has many years of quality experience with this category of law. Moreover, The Injury Advocates has been representing car accident victims for over 20 years. In addition, throughout the years, they have seen different scenarios that could possibly occur. Therefore, they ensure that every detail of the case is reviewed in order to retain the best outcome for your case.

Lastly, it’s important to receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Don’t let the insurance companies make low-ball offers for the damages you have suffered. Whether your losses are from lost wages at work, no access to a vehicle, or suffering pain from your injuries. You need Kweku A. Darfoor and his team of litigators that understand your situation and that have compassion necessary to fight on your behalf in court.