Common mistakes in filing your Personal Injury Claim

A personal injury claim can be a lengthy process. Knowing about the various mistakes that can jeopardize your chances of success will assist you in making the claim process easier.
In Florida, the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is generally four years from the date of the injury. This means that a person who has been injured must file a lawsuit or settle a claim within four years of the date of the accident or incident that caused the injury. If you wait too long to file your claim, you may miss your chance to recover damages.
Failing to seek medical attention: If you do not seek medical attention immediately after an accident, it may be more difficult to prove your injuries because you do not have a medical record to back it up.
Giving a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster: Before giving your statement to the latter, you should consult with your personal injury attorney, who can advise you on what to say and what to avoid.
Accepting a quick settlement: You may not know the full extent of your injuries and expenses so you may wait for your personal injury attorney to guide you. Accepting an early settlement may prevent you from recovering additional damages in the future.
Failing to gather and preserve evidence: In order to prove your claim, you will need to gather and keep the evidence safe such as photos and documentaries of the accident scene and also, witness statements.
Not understanding the value of your claim: A personal injury lawyer can help you understand the potential value of your claim and negotiate the best possible settlement with the insurance company.
Not seeking legal representation: It is vital to have a personal injury attorney represent you; they will be able to help you along the process and increase your chances of success.
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