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Nursing Home Negligence- Bed Sores

Families leave their loved ones in the care of nursing home facilities, expecting that they will receive sufficient care and treatment. Unfortunately, we hear stories of negligence in nursing homes too often. There are certain giveaways of nursing home neglect, such as bed sores. Bed sores are not uncommon in nursing homes, and are generally a sign of neglect. There are also medical complications that accompany bedsores such as bone and joint infections and sepsis, which are preventable in most cases.

The Nursing Home Abuse Guide defines negligence as the failure of nursing home staff to exercise proper care, and suggests that negligence in nursing homes is typically due to undertrained or overworked staff members causing carelessness that may result in health complications for the facilities’ residents. Bed sores are an example of lack of proper care, as immobile patients should be re-positioned regularly to avoid sores, in addition to other ailments.

In cases in which bed sores cause harm or death, residents or family members can file lawsuits against the responsible facility. To do so, the victim or their family are required to prove that the nursing home failed to turn the patient within certain regulated time frames, failed to provide the patient with proper fluid to prevent bed sores, failed to monitor and examine patients upon early development of bed sores and/or allowing moisture to be present on the patient for extended periods of time, such as a wet bed or soiled diaper.

If you or a loved one have been a victim of nursing home negligence, call 1-833-DARFOOR for a free consultation by an experienced attorney that understands the standard of care required by nursing homes.

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