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Claim Denial

Claim Denial

You followed the rules by stopping at a red light. But the driver of the red sedan behind you was running at 40 mph and was also busy taking selfies. As a result, the sedan hit your car causing damages and injuries. You asked for the at fault party’s insurance, took pictures and notes. You called the other party’s insurance company to file a claim. You called them after a couple of weeks and found out your claim was denied.

What Happens Next?

The at-fault party’s insurance company will do everything they can to delay the payment, undervalue your claim, or find other reasons to deny it. The best thing you can do is to hire an attorney to fight the denial.

The attorney will create a demand letter which contains the details of your side of the story, details of your injury and damages, the total amount of your medical bills, and the reason why the other party was at fault. The attorney will then send this demand to the insurance company and will give them a deadline to respond.

If they haven’t denied the claim yet, the insurance company will make an initial offer. The initial offer is usually very low and often not even enough to cover your medical bills. The attorney will then try to negotiate with the at-fault’s insurer until they reach an amount that they can both agree. The at fault party’s insurance provider will then issue a settlement check.

The process gets complicated when the client will not agree to the amount offered by the insurer. Is it wise to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party’s insurance provider? Your attorney will tell you if the case has a big chance of succeeding or not.

A claim denial may be discouraging to those who are injured. With the help of a lawyer who is experienced with these issues, it is possible to obtain a full compensation for all your expenses and injuries caused by the accident. You may contact Darfoor Law at 754-812-8444 or send us an email at You may also visit our website

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