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Uses of the Police Report Post Accident

A police report is a detailed and accurate document in determining who’s at fault and who’s financially responsible for an auto accident. Though police reports are inadmissible as evidence at trial, most police report outlines the physical evidence occurring at the event. It serves as a statement of observation based on collected facts. There is detailed information included in this report such as name and address of all parties, location, date and time of the accident, description of vehicles involved, damages, citations, etc.

The benefits of a police report in an automobile accident are to provide the facts of the accident, as well as a portray an accurate picture of the scene. One benefit of the police report in an accident is to help identify the at-fault party. The police report may or may not state who is at fault. If the at-fault driver is determined, this can be used to the advantage of the other parties in pursuing a lawsuit. The police report is typically an additional piece of information used by insurance companies and attorneys to aid in evaluating cases for personal injury claims. It’s important for all car accident claims when proving who is responsible for the negligence of the accident.

Personal Injury attorneys at Darfoor Law Firm will review your case and determine how each party is responsible for the accident. Our personal injury attorneys can help you fight your case. At Darfoor Law Firm, we would like to help you or your loved ones. A police report can provide vital pieces of information that helps your claim. Give us a call at 1-833-DARFOOR (327-3667).

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