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Childbirth Injuries

Some injuries during a natural childbirth can’t be avoided and can affect the mother, the baby, or both. But there are some injuries caused by the negligence of the medical professional(s) during pregnancy, labor, or delivery. These injuries can be temporary or can last a lifetime. Some of the common injuries to a newborn baby are fractured collarbone, swelling of the scalp (common and resolves in a few days) and brain injury. Examples of birth injuries to mothers are vaginal or perineal tears, ruptured uterus, and PTSD (Post-natal Traumatic Stress Disorder).

If you or your newborn baby experienced childbirth injuries and they’re caused by the negligence of a medical professional, you may contact the Florida personal injury attorneys of Darfoor Law at 754-800-5657 or You may also visit Darfoor Law website for more information about the firm.

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